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1.      Not only ____________________ places of beauty, but they also serve scientific and educational purposes as well.
a)       are botanical gardens
b)       botanical gardens to be
c)       botanical gardens are
d)      to be botanical gardens
Answer : A (are botanical gardens)
A main verb, such as are, is required to complete the clause (to be is not a main verb), and the subject and verb must be inverted because the clause begins with the negative phrase not only.
2.      Those students do not like to read novels _______________ text books.
a)      In any case
b)      Forgetting about
c)      Leaving out the questions
d)      Much less
Answer : (D) much less
Grammar : clause of contrast
3.      _________________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.
a)         Because of its durability and economy
b)         Because it lasts a long time, and it is very economical
c)         Because of its durability and it is economical
d)        Because durably and economy wise it is better than all the others.
Answer            : (A) because of its durability and economy
Grammar         : Adverbial clause of Reason
4.      Man                 : We are going to get ice cream. Would you like to come with us?
Woman            : I am waiting for a package to be delivered.
Narrator           : What does the woman imply?
a)      She does not eat ice cream
b)      She has no mone
c)       She does not like packages
d)      d. She will not be going

5.      Man                 : Are you going to go to the University of Texas to get your Doctorate?
Woman            : I don’t think so.
Man                 :Why, have you been accepted to any other schools?
Woman            : Yes, I have received news of acceptance from LSU, University of
Tennessee, and Harvard.
Narrator           : What are the speakers discussing?

a)      The University of Texas
b)      Schools with Doctorate programs
c)      Where the woman will go to school
d)     Who can get accepted to the most schools
6.       ____________ a tree can be grown from a seedling.
a)      That is generally believed
b)      Believed generally is
c)      Generally believed it is
d)      It is generally believed that
7.      We don’t know ..... we have to change planes or not.
a)      If  
b)      Until
c)      That
d)     When
Jawaban   : A. If
Alasan     : Indirect question
Here the conjunction “IF” indriduces an indirect question.
8.      She’s too tired to go....
a)      Shooping
b)      To shop
c)      Shop
d)     For shopping
Jawaban          : A. Shopping
Alasan             : got gerund
We can use gerund to talk about things we go out to do.

9.      With the passing of time and the encroachment of people, the habitat of gorillas ______ to decrease.
a)      Continuing
b)      Which continue
c)      Continues
d)     That it has continued
Answer : (C) continues
 Because this is sentence to use simple present tense
10.   Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, __, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.
a)      Sailing directions are studied
b)      Study the sailing directions
c)      To direct sailing studies
d)     Studies direct sailing
Answer : (B) Study the sailing studies
 Because in the sentence to use Gerund
11.  Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of independence ___________.
a)      its mother from
b)      from mother
c)      to mother
d)      from its mother
12.  Amelia Earhart was _______________ to pilot her plane across the Atlantic
a)      the first and a woman
b)      the first woman
c)      who the first woman
d)     the woman who first
13.  Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas ________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.
a)      Knowing
b)      Which know
c)      Are knowing
d)      Are know
Answer : (D) are known
Because this is sentence to use simple past tense
14.  The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.
a)      landmarks
b)      is landmarked in
c)      is a landmark in
d)     is in a landmark
15.  Some...don’t like such jokes.
a)      Child
b)      Man
c)      Woman
d)      People
Jawaban          : D. People
Alasan             : some – countable and uncountablenouns some can be followed by both a countable and an uncountable noun


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